Downtown Living is a leading supplier of a range of unique and custom interior design products in the New England and Northwest.  

Our many years of experience in interior design and sourcing of high-quality products means we have built strong relationships with some of the leading brands in the industry.  As such, we are able serve as exclusive stockists of unique and memorable pieces that will make a statement in your home.

We are specialists in the interior co-ordination of your entire home, our range of services and products include:

  • window coverings
  • custom-made curtains
  • wallpaper
  • furniture
  • homewares
  • In-store and on-site consultations
  • Interior design coordination of the entire home

Come and visit our showroom at 230 Peel Street to view our carefully selected range of treasures, and while you're here, have a chat with our friendly team and find out how we can help with your home make-over or renovation, or to select that special piece to light up your space.